COVID-19 - No new cases in 60 hours, severe cases recovering

The Ministry of Health on April 18 afternoon announced that no more cases of the novel coronavirus have been detected in Vietnam since April 16 morning, thus retaining its tally at 268.

This is a positive signal that Vietnam has brought the COVID-19 epidemic under control as there have been no new cases confirmed during the past two and a half days.

According to the Ministry of Health, about 60% of the confirmed patients entered Vietnam from epidemic-hit countries, and the remainder acquired secondary infection.

Of the total 268 cases, 201 have fully recovered and returned home. The remaining 67 patients are being treated at 11 health facilities across the country.

On April 18 alone, two hospitals discharged three healthy foreign patients, two Brazilians and a British, who were closely linked to the Buddha Bar hotspot for COVID-19 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Doctors said that all severe coronavirus cases in Vietnam are recovering considerably. The most severely ill patient, a British citizen working for Vietnam Airlines, is also progressing after receiving intensive care from leading doctors.

Source- VOV

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