Exciting USD money exchange service with golden mouse pictures

VCN- As usual, when the Lunar New Year comes, new money exchange and sale service starts getting exciting, even with the lucky money for Tet holiday, it is only valid for spirit, art and kept as a souvenir, has no circulation value but is still popular with many people.

exciting usd money exchange service with golden mouse pictures
The USD 2 bill printed with gold-plated mouse is only a souvenir.

There is no circulation value

There is about one month left until the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rat 2020, many sales sites from social networks to e-commerce sites have frantically advertised a USD 2 bill printed with two mice. Gold plating is located on the left and right sides of the sheet. According to the advertisement of the seller, the USD 2 bill is printed with the image of a golden mouse with the meaning of bringing wealth, luck and representing prosperity, development, and success in work.

To win the trust of customers, Nguyen Thi Ly, a shop owner also advertised, Each of the USD 2 mouse-shaped notes is contained in an extremely luxurious leather case, inside is a certified business card of the Ministry of Finance of the US". The USD 2 sheet with pictures of gold-plated mice on sale is from VND 200,000 to VND 350,000. If buying 20 sheets or more, the price will be reduced to VND 200,000/ sheet, from 10 or more sheets, the price will be reduced to VND 210,000 /sheet.

In particular, with 2 USD bills of gold plated mouse with beautiful series such as lucky draw 6868,6688,8686,6868 priced at 1.2 million VND/sheet, the money with three same numbers(such as 555, 666) series costs from 500 thousand VND to 900 thousand VND/ sheet or sheet of money from the four same numbers (such of 5555, 6666) up to VND 2.5 million.

However, according to banking and finance expert Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, on the occasion of the New Year, information related to US banks issuing a separate set of money for Asian countries is very attractive. The year of the pig is in the form of USD 2 in the pig, the year of the mouse is in the form of a mouse. However, these are unofficial coins thatno world central bank issued. Accordingly, the US Treasury Department never issued a coin with a mascot related to Asian customs and practices. This information is shown asa scam by the fact that this money is issued by a private company.

Hieuadded that the USD 2 gilded mouse note is only artistic and has no value. It is illegal to bring this bill to the US to buy things. In Vietnam, if people buy this currency for the purpose of gifts, decorations or collectibles, then there is no problem but if using this money for trading, thisis illegal. The value of that currency is based solely on artistic factors, not face value of the currency.

Exciting new money exchange service

In parallel with the sale and purchase of USD mascot money, the demand for new money for lucky money is also great. Especially for small denominations, the banking system is very limited in terms of issuing new notes. However, the market is now very exciting; customers want to change as much as they want.

As a customer who needs to exchange small denominations on this occasion, we are told by a Facebook account with the address in BinhThanh District, HCM City, the face value of 2,000 dong has a fee of 24,000 VND/ 100 sheets, respectively twelve percent; 100 notes of 5,000 VND, paying 50,000 VND, equivalent to 10% of the fee. In addition, there is also a new USD 2 money exchange service with a fee of about VND 60,000 / sheet.

Similarly, at tienquocte.net, the exchange rate of 2,000 VND value will be 12 percent, the face value of 5,000 change 10 percent, 10,000 change 8 percent, 20,000 will pay 7 percent.Currently, this page, the small denominations of VND 500 and VND 1,000 have expired.

Nguyen ThiMuoi, living in Thu Duc district, contacted another money exchange point on BacHai street (District 10, HCM City) to change the currency with small denominations of VND 500 and VND 1,000 but the shop owner said- The store has earned a small amount of new denominations of VND 500 and VND 1,000, but due to rarity, traders have collected all of them. Many customers also registered to change but there are wait lists because I don't know if there will be any new money from Tet holiday. Currently the store has a face value of 2,000 dong or more".

Thu Diu/ HuuTuc

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